Woebegone Productions

Video Editing, DVD Authoring, Tape Transferrals


Did you film your entire sporting season and want to send the copies to the team?


 - use our services make customised DVDs.


Are you in a band and want a music video for your website from your concert footage?


 - we can make a video for Youtube from your footage.


Have you filmed events using your mobile phone and want to make space?


- send the footage to us to edit and preserve your events without having to delete anything.

If you have a film, music video, sporting event or just a home movie that requires trimming and putting together, Woebegone Productions can edit anything to a professional standard.


We can edit footage from a variety of sources, including miniDV tapes, HD cameras and other digital film files. We can also help with other post production requirements such as colour correction and audio editing, however we are currently unable to offer an After Effects service.


The Editing rate is £18 per hour and footage can be sent to us through the post or internet.




Other Ideas...

DVD Authoring

Our DVD authoring service puts you firmly in control. Even if you have footage edited by other companies, we are happy to create the DVD you want.


Whether the DVD is for home or commercial use, you are in charge of all aspects, including layout, menu design and music*.


Prices start from £20 per DVD, which includes DVD box, cover and all other features mentioned here. Copies are available from £5.


(*music used for commercial films would have to be royalty free or bought specifically for the DVD)

Tape Transfers

Do you have stacks of home movies stuck on VHS tapes? Would like to see them again and bring back your memories?


At Woebegone Productions, we offer a video tape transfer service that can preserve these tapes for future generations. We import the footage from VHS onto computers that allow us to turn analogue into digital format.


The Transferral service is £5 per tape and any digitised footage you have from this can ether be sent back to you as digital files for your own use or then put onto DVD using our DVD authoring service.

Pricing Examples

All rates featured on this site do not include VAT.


All rates are also negotiable depending on your budget and are stated to provide a guide.

An internet advert you have made for your business -

12 hours Editing Time - TOTAL = £216*



A home movie on a VHS tape you want to put on a DVD for a special occasion -

1 Tape Transferral  = £5

3 hours Editing Time (to clean up footage) = £54

Customised DVD = £20

                              TOTAL = £79*



A showreel of music performances you have filmed on your mobile phone -

6 hours Editing Time = £108

Customised DVD = £20

                             TOTAL = £128*


(*Totals do not include VAT)