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Video Editing, DVD Authoring, Tape Transfers

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Did you film your entire sporting season and want to send the copies to the team?


 - use our services make customised DVDs.


Are you in a band and want a music video for your website from your concert footage?


 - we can make a video for Youtube from your footage.


Have you filmed events using your mobile phone and want to make space?


- send the footage to us to edit and preserve your events without having to delete anything.

Other Ideas...

Pricing Examples

An internet advert you have made for your business -

12 hours Editing Time - TOTAL = £216*


A home movie on a VHS tape you want to put on a DVD for a special occasion -

1 Tape Transferral  = £5

3 hours Editing Time (to clean up footage) = £54

Customised DVD = £20

                              TOTAL = £79*


A showreel of music performances you have filmed on your mobile phone -

6 hours Editing Time = £108

Customised DVD = £20

                             TOTAL = £128*


(*Totals do not include VAT)