Spoof news article loosely based on The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock.


Winner of Best Film Idea at the Cheltenham DIY film competition 2012



Filmed in Cheltenham in 2012

Starring Carole Clapton

Made by Kelly Clapton



Short film about the 10th Legion Championship Fighting XI MMA event that took place in May 2012



Filmed by Michael Brooks in 2012

Edited by Kelly Clapton in 2012


*Sound Removed to avoid copyright infringement, please contact us if you would like to see the film with audio*


Short film about the lemurs of Bristol Zoo.



Filmed at Bristol Zoo in 2011

Made by Kelly Clapton

Short advertisement showing some of the species you can find at a Sealife Centre.



Fiimed at Weymouth Sealife Centre in 2011

Made by Kelly Clapton



Here are some videos made for Newsivity (also known as thisisguavo), a media agency, created to find and promote incredible, talented people around the world.

The World's Biggest Comic Book Collection

Dr Charles Eugster -

The Worlds Fittest Pensioner

The Concrete Jungle

Wim Hof - The Ice Man

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"Connoisseurs of Incredible..."


Short advertisement for The Penrose Market event at Ravensbourne College.



Filmed at Ravensbourne College by  Michael Brooks in 2011

Edited by Kelly Clapton in 2012

Short advertisment showing some of the wildlife at Bristol Zoo.



Filmed at Bristol Zoo in 2011

Made by Kelly Clapton